Nicole, Switzerland - December 2016

I had a very great time here and I'm happy that I came here! At the beginning I wanted to go to Canada but I'm so happy that I choosed Jeffreys Bay! I'm sure I learned here more because it is a smaller class and the teacher have more time for every student!

Everybody is so friendly! When we wanted to do something they organised it! Good and very spontaneous!

Good school to come!

Aurelie, Switzerland - October 2016

It was a really nice experience. I recommend this school because the place near the ocean is beautiful. We can learn English very well. The staff in Island Vibe and the staff at the school are kind and helpful.

There are a lot of activities which are organised every week. It was interesting and amazing.

Alessia, Switzerland - September 2016

I really enjoyed spending my time in this small school as I learned a lot without that much stress and I had the opportunity to meet some awesome people.

Although I had to push myself through some hard work during my CAE I had the chance to participate in a lot of exciting activities in the afternoons and on the weekends.

Gwendoline, France - June 2015

I would like to say thank you for this month. Thank you Dallas to permit me to change of class, because I really could improve my english and understand lots of things with Sandra. I gave me a purpose when I left France;" don't be shy in english and talk even if my english is not really good". And I think I reached my onjectif. I month in school it's not enough but it is better than anything. So thank to this month I could work my englsih vocabulary and grammer. So this experince is a success. Thank you Dallas, Nicole, Sandra and the staff of island Vibe!!

Anton, Austria - January 2015
Thank you for the nice time in JB! You are always welcome in Austria! I enjoyed the time in JB very much, especially the family atmosphere. My highlights of the stay were: Safari tour, Braai by Dallas and the night lif with Sergio (Student from Spain)

Jean, Brazil September 2013
I was in Jeffreys Bay for three weeks and it was a time that will always be remembered. To study in a class with only a few students has provided me the opportunity to practise and improve my English... Not to mention the great environment with outdoor classes and conversations during the breaks with other classmates and teachers... Always filled with great stories while enjoying the beach front, which is an extra benefit due to the privileged school´s location. I planned to have my afternoons class-free, as I wanted to get to know and experience the excursions and activities that JBay had to offer. Certainly, I lived unique emotions. Besides, making new friends from JBay and other parts of the world that I have never imagined to meet. No doubt this experience has changed my way of thinking... It was a paradigm break.
I left JBay with 2 certainties ... The first one is that being in JBay is like living a dream. The second is that I'll be back as soon as possible.  :-) Thanks to everyone who made my holiday an unforgettable experience!

Bekrita - March 2013
Thank you to everyone from Jeffreys Bay Language School to make my stay unforgettable. I had one of my best time here and enjoyed every day. I improved a lot in several parts. This school makes people to come back.

Jonas, Switzerland - November 2012
I really had a great time here at Jeffreys Bay. The school and the Island Vibe Backpackers is like a big family. I met some incredible people from all around the world. There is a lot of nice activities to do, like surfing, riding some horses on the beach and wold animal touching, quad biking and so much more... I'm really sad to leave this small paradise. The only thing i'm really sure is that I will come back.

Ramon, Switzerland - June 2012
I would like to learn English, so I searched a place where I can go to a language school. I saw diffrents places, USA, Australia, New Zealand and than South Africa. I decided to go to SA, but a lot of friends didn’t understand me why SA?! But now , I must say, that I choised the right place. The last 4 weeks were beautiful. The language school in Jeffreys Bay is so nice, I have never seen before a such a lovely school. The school is very small but I liked it very much. The teacher could take time for every student. I had very good and friendly teachers. Also the students are cool and you can speak a lot about the different cultars and expiriance. Jeffreys Bay is also a good place to surf, so affer the school i took my surfboard and went to surf. I fell in love with surfing. In the last few weeks, I improved my English and learnt to surf. At the host family my bedroom was excellent and the meals too!

Aline, Switzerland - March 2012
Hi everybody! If you feel bored or sad in your country, if you have some problems in your life, if you need to learnenglish or simply if you like Africa and want spend a great time, let’s go to Jeffrey’s Bay. You will have a lot of fun and wonderful stories. The teachers in the school, all the staff people, yournew friends will get your family. Everything here is just amazing, safaris, surf, beach party, emotion…. I promise you, you won’t regret your choice. Living the dream, from Jeffrey’s Bay.