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Welcome to Jeffreys Bay and Island Vibe Language School! We are a small Boutique style English Language School that offers small classes, experienced teachers, Fun activities and beautiful views. Imagine the difference in learning environment if you compare a city to a relaxed seaside town. The idea of clean air, the sound of crashing waves, and the sight of uninterrupted golden beaches gives one an overall feeling of contentment. Jeffreys Bay is an ideal destination to absorb the world of English

Most people in the world yearn to speak more than one language.  Languages are romantic, erotic, useful and essential.  These days one of the most essential languages in the business world is English, bridging the communication gap between east and west, north and south. For some of us learning another language is relatively easy, for others it takes time and effort.  At Jeffreys Bay Language School in South Africa, we have a small ingredient that goes a long way in facilitating this adventure….it’s called fun!

Jeffreys Bay has a lot to offer English Language students.  It is a small town so walking around is easy and enjoyable, as is meeting local inhabitants who are always interested to hear your story.  The town is well equipped with a variety of supermarkets, internet cafes, banks, coffee shops, restaurants and of course surf clothing retail stores.  Winter months brings its own set of rules to the town, with everyone speaking about and listening to surf tales. In summer the  town swarms to the beach for sun, swim and fun.  Come and enjoy Jbay with us - contact us today and find out more about studying English in Jbay, South Africa

Our English Language courses cover all levels, from beginner to advanced.  Each class is no more than 8 students, facilitated by professionally trained teachers in foreign language education.  We follow the British English curriculum and also offer CAE and FCE preparation. Please see the courses section for more detail.

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